A Peek Inside Magnolia Cemetery

Last Friday, Bulldog Tours became the first and only tour company to start providing ghost tours in the beautiful and spooky Magnolia Cemetery. But last Wednesday night, Taylor T and other hospitality people went on an exclusive tour to check it out before the general public gained access!

Magnolia Cemetery wasn’t originally a very popular burial location, as most people wanted to be buried in their church yards. But, when the yards became full and the threat of sickness became dire, bodies needed to be buried further outside of town, making Magnolia the perfect place. Now, according to the Bulldog Tours website, the cemetery is the resting place of over “35,000 permanent residents, including authors and poets, artists, Confederate generals and soldiers, prominent politicians, bootleggers, prostitutes, and socialites.”

On the tour, you’ll hear the stories of the children who haunt the Spanish Moss-covered oaks, the still-unsolved murder of a socialite, the woman whose body was kept at the cemetery (unburied!) for well over a year, the history of the Hunley, and the tales of many other scandalous lives and deaths associated with this mysterious site.

Here are a few quick tips to make your tour experience that much better:

  • Wear or bring bug spray! Taylor was there on a cooler night, and it was still super
  • If it recently rained, some rain boots wouldn’t be a bad idea. It gets a little soggy out there and you’ll be walking through grass and on dusty, gravel little roads.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Bulldog’s tour guides are so knowledgeable and are always happy to interact with their guests.
  • Be respectful of the cemetery itself. Keep in mind, as you’re walking around, that this is a sacred place.
  • And finally, take lots of pictures…and then examine them after! Remember, this site has never been open to the public at nighttime, so it’s up to the guests to start documenting what it looks like (and which spirits might be lurking!) after dark for the first time ever!


Check out some of the pictures Taylor snapped before the sun went down! Did she capture any spirits???




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