Endless Summer? Yes, Please!

It’s well documented that there are a lot of people living in the Charleston area that are not native South Carolinians.  There are a lot of people that aren’t even native to The South.  In fact, over half of the people in our office weren’t born in SC.  So why did we (and so many others) move here?  “New and more plentiful opportunities” definitely ranks high on the list.  But for me, the list is much more simplistic: I wanted to live in a beautiful place near the ocean where winter is virtually nonexistent.  Charleston checked all the boxes!

So while we live in a place that is warm-ish 365 days out of the year, SUMMER is quickly coming to a close (there’s only 3 more weeks ‘til the kids go back to school, people!!!).  Yes, the days are getting a bit shorter, but the fun doesn’t need to end here.  So, we’ve compiled a big list of summer-esque activities and events that you can participate in to keep the fun alive, even once the school year is underway.


Movies in the Park


Music in the Park


Wine Strolls/Events



  • Beach Yoga —  Many dates and locations all year long!
  • Starlight Yoga —  Sept 12th (Mt. P. Pier)
  • Om Outdoors —  Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, various times/locations


Farmers Markets

  • Second Sunday —  Through Dec. 8th (King Street)
  • Folly Beach —  Mondays through Oct. 28th
  • Charleston —  Saturdays through Nov. 30th
  • Summerville —  Saturdays through Nov. 30th
  • John’s Island —  Saturdays through Oct. 26th
  • The Pour House —  Sundays through Oct. 27th
  • North Charleston  —  Thursdays through Oct. 31st


Water Activities




Are there any other events or activities that we missed?  Let us know in the comments, below!  Here’s to keeping that summer feeling alive forever!


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