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All of our vehicles rent out by time based on a 4 hr minimum.  This 4 hr minimum runs consecutively from initial pick up through completion of final drop off.  The 4 hr minimum cannot be broken up in any way.  The price listed for the /1-4 hrs is the price for that entire block of four hours, not an hourly rate.  The only hourly rate that will apply is the overtime rate of $110/hr, or portion thereof, once you go beyond the initial 4 hr time block.

All of our vehicles rent out on a charter basis, based on the 4 hr minimum.  The rate is the same.  We do this to be able to ensure a high quality of service and to eliminate overbooking or delayed pick ups.

If you initial pick up and final drop off is within the normal Charleston area:  Downtown Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, Mt Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, billing time starts with that pick up and ends with final drop off.  If initial pick up and final drop off is at Kiawah, Seabrook, Johns Island, Wadmalaw Island, etc…  we do bill for travel time of approximately 1 hr each way.

We do send our minicoaches and classic American trolleys out of the Charleston area to accommodate events. We add additional cost to cover the out of area travel, including travel time, fuel surcharge, and maintenance fees.  In order to quote for out of area travel, we need times and locations for pick ups and drop offs so that we can provide a firm quote.  Please note that we cannot travel outside of state lines, so this only applies to South Carolina locations.

Yes, all of our vehicles can travel normal speeds and are safe to travel on interstates. Please note, however, that it does take larger vehicles longer to get up to speed and to navigate traffic, so extra time does need to be allowed for that.

Due to SC state law, open containers of alcohol are not allowed aboard vehicles while in operation.  For safety reasons, no glass is allowed on the vehicles either.  If your group would like to have beverages on board the vehicle, they are welcome to board the vehicle with a plastic solo cup. Also, a cooler may be brought on board with waters and sodas, just no alcohol and no glass.

The vehicle can make as many scheduled trips as needed during the time you have it booked, and there is no additional cost for this. Unless it extends your times, in which case you will owe for the overtime.

Due to restrictions put in place by The City of Charleston regarding commercial vehicle transportation, there are limits to where we can pick up and drop off Downtown.  We must use City approved loading zones.  When you provide your itinerary we work with The City to find the closest approved locations and will notify you of that location as soon as we get confirmation from the City. Please note that the City requires that we submit this into to them.

If you would like to reserve our services, please email Kelly and provide group name, approximate transportation itinerary and vehicle preference. We will send you a contract for signature and a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at that time. (Please note that for reservations made within 30 days, full payment is required to reserve the vehicle(s).  Please keep in mind that nothing is held or guaranteed until we go to contract.

Clients all have their own way of handling gratuity.  Some people do a flat amount per driver/coordinator that they are comfortable with, usually starting at $50-$100 for a basic 4 hr minimum, increasing for longer times, more difficult itineraries, exceptional service, etc…  Other clients tip based on a percentage like you would at a restaurant, etc…  This percentage usually ranges from 10%-20%.  Please keep in mind that gratuity is at client discretion and based on service, and any amount is always appreciated.

Gratuity can be handled one of two ways:

1.       You can pay the drivers/coordinator cash during the event.

2.      You can prepay gratuity by telling us how much you would like to provide and we will include that in the contract pricing/payments. And we will disburse gratuity to staff accordingly.

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