Venue Highlight: Middleton Place

This is the first installment of our Venue Highlight blog series!  Every so often, we will be shouting out one of Charleston’s great event venues.  On these posts, you can learn about some of the amazing venues (and the occasional activities, food, and entertainment options) that Charleston has to offer.  What do the spaces look like?  What events have we planned with them?  Who can take your event from a good time to a great time?  All your burning questions can be answered here!  Chances are, you’ll see something here that inspires you and will be a perfect fit for your group or upcoming event.

First up: Middleton Place!



Middleton Place is one of our favorite venue choices for many so many reasons…

Middleton boasts beautiful gardens and vistas at every turn.  From the crane pool and the butterfly lake, to the stable yard and freedman’s cabins, this historic site has something to learn about and see at every turn.

Telling the stories of those who were formerly enslaved at Middleton has become the “central tenet of [their] Foundation’s mission.”  Through their extensive research, they have created educational programming for visitors of all ages.  For young guests and school groups, they provide state-standards-aligned curriculum.  They are also very proud of their Beyond the Fields book and documentary that “bring[s] to life the stories of the enslaved” for older visitors.

In addition to their history and education opportunities, Middleton provides a variety of venue spaces for any event.  Their newly renovated Pavilion is the perfect location for any indoor events, including dinners, meetings, and receptions.  The Cypress Room at the Middleton Place Restaurant adjoins their courtyard and is ideal for a small dinner or cocktail hour!  The lawn in front of Eliza’s House, the Stable Yard, and the gardens themselves offer some of the best spots for dinners, cocktail hours, wine blending experiences, and more!

Whatever you envision for your group, Middleton Place can provide!

This spring, Lee Blakely, one of our fabulous Program Managers, planned a fun night for a group of ladies out at Middleton!  They started with a wine stroll through the gardens and were lead to the Pavilion where they were treated to a plated dinner.  Once dinner was done, coffee, tea, and some delicious desserts were served under beautiful café lighting near the Crane Pool.  As a surprise, the Charleston Plantation Singers performed for the guests, who enjoyed their music and even sang along to some of the songs!  The guests had a wonderful evening of learning, exploring, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company.  Check out the photos below which showcase this event (and some others we’ve planned!) at Middleton Place!

We love Middleton Place and are looking forward to having some more Charleston guests out there with us very soon!


What are your favorite Charleston locations?  Any guesses as to who we’ll be featuring next?  Let us know in the comments below!



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