the Absolutely Charleston Experience

Absolutely Charleston is made up of two teams that work as one, for the benefit of our clients. Our Destination Management/Event Planning team focuses on creating unique and innovative Charleston experiences. Our transportation team focuses on the logistics components required to ensure success when transporting Guests around our beautiful City.

We find – and our customers agree – that true luxury isn’t always found in monuments of Italian marble, Egyptian cotton, and Chinese silk. Today’s luxury is made of experiences and memories; of interaction with local residents who have a story to share and tell. In a world of constant connectivity with millions of faceless entities, today’s luxury is interpersonal, communal, and truly social.

The delivery of transportation to any unique Charleston venue requires the cooperation of the City of Charleston, agencies, and local residents. Absolutely Charleston has achieved unparalleled experience in managing all Charleston routes, parking, and event-related traffic congestion.

We are prepared for all contingencies, reacting quickly to the unexpected and making sure you are well informed, worry free, and enjoying your Lowcountry experience.

Meet the Absolutely Charleston Team

Absolutely Charleston’s team is made up of experienced individuals who together represent the Lowcountry’s leading innovative and award-winning Destination Management Company and Transportation Provider.

Karen Dhooge Schindler Director of Operations

Karen has been with AC for 14 years and is a native of the Holy City. She loves everything about our southern city, but most especially the beaches and the food and wine scene. Living in a city full of friends and family has been a true blessing. Karen's most important job is being Mom to Tyler, Jacob, Landon, and Gracie.

Jenny Fedewa Senior Program Manager

Jenny has been with AC for almost 13 years! She’s a New Yorker by birth, but Southerner by choice. She loves to travel the world with her husband and is a mom to 2 fur babies.

Lee has been with AC for 3 years and has lived in Charleston for 10 years. Lee is DMCP certified and accredited through ADMEI.

Kelly Harrison Transportation Coordinator

Kelly has been at AC for 5 years, and has lived in Charleston for about 10 years. She came here from Michigan and after one winter here, knew she wouldn't return North. Kelly loves all the History in Charleston and spending time downtown learning about the City's interesting past. She especially loves the local ghost tours! In her free time she loves going to the beach to unwind, or kayaking in the many local waterways, where she enjoys seeing the City from a different perspective.

Taylor McKenzie Program Manager

Taylor grew up in Charleston and has worked in the events industry for 8 years. She enjoys happy hour with friends, boat cruises & beach trips with her pup, trying every new restaurant, and spending time with her husband and 3 fur babies.

Taylor Thompson Program Coordinator

Taylor made the great move to Charleston in 2017 and loves everything the Lowcountry has to offer! She loves podcasts, exploring Charleston’s breweries, and the beautiful beaches.

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